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Your Investment

Your Wedding day is a once in a life time event. We believe that your investment in our Luxury Wedding Films and Photography will ensure that your special day lives on forever.


Our Videographers and Photographers are trained to capture every special moment at your wedding. We rather overshoot, than just get the shot. We capture everything, so that you can have the peace of mind that no matter the moment, we have it saved.

Our Team.

Most companies will hire random contractors to capture your wedding. Here at Brink Media Co. the Owner will always be present at each wedding to capture everything. Everyone on our team is personally trained by the Owners to ensure excellent quality.


Here at Brink Media Co. we are not only Artist, but also technical nerds! We have a deep passion for what we do, and have spent many years to understand not only the art form, but the technical side of cameras. A great painter  can only be as good as their knowledge on how to combine colors of paint. We ensure that we capture your day at the highest possible quality and format, giving you a crystal clear image to relive your special day.

Cinematic Wedding Films

Starting at $2500

Wedding Photography

Starting at $2000

Wedding Film & Photography Combos

Starting at $4100

We only offer custom tailored packages. Please schedule consultation to create the perfect Luxury Wedding Film and Photography for your special day.

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