How To Choose The Perfect Shot List For Your Wedding

A wedding is a very special day and for the Bride and Groom it is important to keep those memories forever if possible. The best way to do this is with photos. Collaborating with the photographer to come up with a wedding shot list that covers everything. Talking with the photographer to figure out the perfect shots leaves the bride and groom happy with the photos that they receive after the wedding.

There are so many opportunities on the wedding day to get photos to make lasting memories. There are a lot of creative options for wedding photos to cherish forever.

Getting Ready

While getting ready for the big day, there are plenty of options for photographs that the bride and groom would love to see after. A few good sets of photos would be the wedding dress and suit hanging up, along with a photo of the wedding invitation. Other great getting ready photo options would be:

  • The engagement rings and wedding bands

  • Zipping up the bride’s dress

  • Boutonniere being pinned on the groom

  • Groom putting on cufflinks

  • Bride with maid of honor

  • Groom with best man

First Looks

First look photos are becoming increasingly popular to show how parents and the wedding party react to seeing the bride and groom in their wedding clothing, as well as the bride and groom seeing each other for the first time on the wedding day. Having a first look for the bride and groom can help to get rid of some jitters during the ceremony.


The ceremony is where the guests will finally get to see the wedding party. Good shots of the room and the crowd as the ceremony begins are shots that a bride and groom may want to have. Other good shots to consider would be:

  • The guests in the crowd

  • The wedding party walking down the aisle

  • Groom walking down the aisle

  • The bride walking down the aisle

  • The bride being given to the groom

  • The vow exchange and the first kiss

  • Exchanging the rings


During the reception is where everyone can have some fun. There are plenty of photo opportunities to show everyone spending time with one another. Some great shots to include on a shot list could be:

  • The couple’s entrance

  • Toasts

  • The wedding cake

  • The couple cutting the cake

  • First dance

  • Bride and Groom dancing with parents or siblings

  • The couple exiting

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