How Wedding Photography and Videography Work Together

Planning your dream wedding means planning an event you can remember for a lifetime. While you make memories, choosing the right photographer and videographer lets you share those memories with others in the family and your friends. One of the simplest ways to ensure that your photographer and videographer work well together is by choosing a media team that offers both.

This benefits you in many ways. Your media team will approach your wedding using a collaborative, comprehensive approach. What does this mean for you?

  • The photographer and videographer will create an integrated shot list. Because there is more than one media team member, they divide the list based upon the shot types.

  • Dividing the list by shot types gets you more cherished memories plus it captures moments you might have missed while you busily greeted guests. The videographer often sticks close to children in the wedding party, the grandparents, etc. to capture the one-of-a-kind moments, like the grandparents dancing together or the mock proposal from the ring bearer to the flower girl.

  • Hiring a crew with both simply lets you cover more ground. You have two people on the ground filming memories and that provides you more recorded moments.

  • You save money by hiring a crew that provides both since they often provide a package deal that costs less. Hiring separately would mean paying two companies full price for the services but hiring one firm that provides both services can net you a savings package.

  • Since they work for the same company, they do not compete for shots or get in each other’s way. Since the media team often works together, they function like a well-oiled machine.

  • You only have one contact point to explain to which must have photos and shots you and your future spouse need. There will always be one or two photos or videos you desire from your wedding day. Using a media company that provides photographers and videographers makes it easier for you to communicate your needs in a direct manner.

Let Brink Media Co. help you plan your fabulous special day. You can count on us to capture your special day using still and motion shots. We want to help you capture all the special moments and those photos and videos you have dreamed of with family and friends. Contact us today to get started using our handy message form.

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