Wedding Day Emergency Kit: Why You Need One and What to Put In It

It is almost inevitable to forget something of great importance when getting for a wedding. You spend months- sometimes longer- preparing only to find yourself faced with a potential catastrophe on the big day.

While there is no way to be ready for everything, packing a wedding day emergency kit can help you face almost anything. The following are some of the most common items brides find to be useful in their kit.

Quick Clothing Fixes

You never know when you or someone in your bridal shower will find yourself with a hole or snag. It is also pretty common for someone to put on an ill-fitting dress. Having fashion tape and a sewing kit in your bag means fixing these issues quickly and getting back to enjoying your big day.


Brides typically have every accessory chosen for their wedding day. If you do as well, the last thing you want is to realize you left it at home or are missing a piece, such as an earring back. Pack some extra jewelry and earring backs to ensure you maintain your dream look for your wedding and photographs.

Hair Items

You want your hair to look perfect for your wedding, so it’s essential to prepare for anything. Bobby pins, a brush or comb, and a small can of hairspray are absolute necessities in a wedding day emergency kit.

Nail Care

Broken and chipped nails are a regular part of life, but they can wreak havoc on your dream day. Be sure to pack a nail file, a set of nail clippers, and- at a minimum- some clear nail polish to battle the most common issues.


Looking good for your ceremony, reception, and wedding photography session is important, but so is smelling good for your special day. Carrying mints, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss can give a quick fresh kick when you need it.

Spray deodorant is also a good-smell necessity as it can help combat sweat. This can also help prevent stains around the underarm area on your dress. Spray-on is typically a better option as it goes on drier and tends not to leave any residue behind.


There are a few other miscellaneous items to pack in your wedding day emergency kit. These include the following:

Pain reliever: You do not want to deal with headaches or other pain on one of the biggest days of your life.

Snacks: Packing a protein bar or other snack can save the day when you realize in the afternoon that you forgot to eat. Just be sure it’s something that does not make a lot of mess.

Lint roller: Lint rollers come in handy no matter what you wear. Stray hairs and undesirable fibers always find their way to clothing.

Wipes- Food, liquid, sweat, makeup mistakes- these are just a few times that having wipes can come in handy.

Q-tips: Like wipes and Bobby pins, there are virtually limitless uses for Q-tips.

Lipstick or lip gloss- You never know when you will need a touch-up. Many brides like to do so right before the ceremony and before taking their photographs. When you are ready, though, you will be thankful you can easily access your lipstick or gloss.

This list is exhaustive by no means, but it can help you prepare for the unexpected on your wedding day.

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