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Wedding videography is an excellent addition to any special day. While you undoubtedly will have a photographer following your every move, a wedding video is able to capture more than a photograph could ever do. Wedding videography is able to capture the movement, the emotion, and every sound surrounding your special day. Wedding videography is an excellent choice for as much or as little of your special day. Choose to use wedding videography services for only the ceremony so that you can relive your vows to one another over and over again. Or, select wedding videography services for the entire time spent getting ready with friends and family. Still more people will choose wedding videography services for the entire day, capturing all of the speeches, dancing, laughter, and enjoyment had by friends and family alike. Wedding videography can be custom catered to exactly what you envision on your special day.

A professional wedding videographer will move throughout your space capturing just the right moments and sounds. A quality wedding videographer will go widely unnoticed, but yet is still able to be there for every special moment. After collecting all of the video from the day, the real work of the professional wedding videographer begins. For most brides and grooms, the wedding video is just a few minutes in length, certainly not a video of the entire day. So how does the professional wedding videographer know what video to keep? How does the video editor know what will be important for the bride and groom to see over and over? That is where the power of editing and experience come into play. The team at Brink Media Company is experienced with several weddings of all lengths and types. We know what brides and grooms regularly ask for, and are prepared to create just the right video capturing all of the special moments. Plus, we take the time early in our process to get to know the bride and groom. We understand that every wedding is different and every client is an individual. We want to get to know you so that we are able to create a custom package that we know you will love for years to come.

With all of our video packages we offer our professional and comprehensive wedding video editing. During our wedding video editing we are able to splice together the key moments from your big day so that we are able to highlight exactly what is important to you. We will capture the moments when you first see one another, the speeches at the ceremony, and the dancing that lasted late into the night. We can pair your wedding video to a meaningful song to the couple, and create smooth and beautiful transitions. Further, our wedding video editing can put the video into several different formats. This can make it easy to not only watch your wedding video anywhere, but it can make it easy to share online with friends and family members. When it comes to wedding video editing, nobody in the business can do it quite like Brink Media Company. This is why people have turned to our services for years. We are experienced and knowledgeable about the wedding industry and know what it takes to create a beautiful final product. If you are interested in working with us on your special day, feel free to set up a consultation. Let's sit down together and talk about what you envision for your wedding. We have several flexible packages and pricing options so that we are sure we can find something that fits within every budget. Our team wants to hear from you, so reach out today so we can start collaborating and planning together.